A wide range of high performance, self-contained and centrally supplied Emergency Exit Lights, for all locations and environments, designed and manufactured in Lahti, Finland.


Emergency exit lights are designed to guide people to safety during an emergency. Emergency exit lights are a stand-alone system, which means they will stay lit during a power failure. Emergency exit lights are a vital part of the security of any property – their reliability and visibility cannot be compromised for any reason. By designing and manufacturing both the electronic components and the emergency exit light end products in our own factory in Finland, we ensure that all of our emergency exit lights are designed and tested without compromises to meet the high standards required of them.


With more than 40 years of experience, Teknoware offers a comprehensive variety of emergency exit lights, suitable for virtually any location. There are, for example, robust emergency exit lights designed for demanding environments such as subway tunnels, and large high performance emergency exit lights that are sufficiently visible from distances upto 120 metres.

By using the latest LED technology, we have designed emergency exit lights that meet the high standards set to them, but also look stylish and discreet, such as an emergency exit light with a silver coloured metal frame, or a recessed emergency exit light that leaves only a thin glassy light plate visible.


We offer both self-contained and centrally supplied emergency exit lights. Self-contained emergency exit lights contain their own backup power source such as a battery or super capacitor, and a variety of additional features, such as wireless monitoring or self-testing. Self-contained emergency exit lights can be used in smaller properties, or by combining super-capacitor technology and wireless monitoring, in virtually any location. With these technologies, modern high performance emergency exit lights can be used, for example, in a renovation project while minimizing the need for additional cabling.

Centrally supplied emergency exit lights require a central battery unit. These systems can vary from relatively small ones containing only a centrally operating battery unit without additional features, to addressable central battery systems with remote monitoring, automatic testing and a wide range of other optional features.

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