Special Emergency Lighting Solutions

Specially designed high-performance emergency lighting products, for the most challenging locations and environments.


Our product offering includes emergency lighting for use on ships. Particular attention has been given to the special requirements of shipboard applications in both the technical characteristics of the products and their appearance.

Our specially designed ship emergency and exit lights provide a reliable and economical solution, without compromising on the style and compatibility of the products.

We have advantaged our 40 years of expertise in the manufacture of highly demanding rolling stock and bus lighting solutions to meet the special requirements of shipboard applications.

Read more about Teknoware LED exit luminaires for ships


Emergency and Emergency Exit Lights, ROBUST 95ROBUST 86 and ROBUST Exit, are specially designed to be used in subway tunnels. Both lights have robust metal frames, and are designed to be fitted into a subway tunnel mounting rail. ROBUST 95, ROBUST 86 Emergency Lights and ROBUST Exit Emergency Exit Lights have an IP class of 67, which means the lights are completely protected against dust and can even be immersed under water. The ROBUST Exit Emergency Exit Lights also have custom-made pictograms, with additional markings.


We have also designed and manufactured an emergency light that can be discreetly installed into the hand rails of a subway tunnel, the TWT91 Handrail light. It is installed to the opening to the underside of a handrail, to give light to the pathways, for their safe usage.

Download the Handrail Emergency Light brochure here


In addition to mechanical and electronical demands, also the visual appearance and custom-fitted mounting options can be taken into account. To a location where identical LED emergency spotlights were used to keep the visual appearance of the location consistent, a stylish wall mounting bracket was designed for the spot light in question. This way, the same spot light could be used when regular ceiling mounting was not an option.

Trispot Emergency LED Downlight for wall mounting

emergency and exit lights for tunnels

Emergency and Exit Lights For Tunnels

emergency lights for handrails

Emergency Lights for Handrails

wall-mounted led emergency downlights

Wall-Mounted Led Emergency Downlights

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